Maheshwari sarees are traditional handwoven sarees that originate from the town of Maheshwar in Madhya Pradesh. These sarees are hand woven by skilled artisans using a distinctive technique that combines silk and cotton threads which makes them comfortable to wear and suitable for various occasions.

Maheshwari sarees are characterized by their distinctive borders, known as “zari borders.” These borders are often woven with gold and silver threads, adding an element of elegance. These sarees feature a variety of motifs, including traditional patterns, geometric shapes, floral designs inspired by nature. The pallu often has intricate designs.

Maheshwari sarees are not just a piece of clothing known for their comfort and elegance but also a piece of art and culture that represents the rich heritage of भारत.



Tissue sarees are rich traditional handcrafted sarees known for their inherent sophistication and luxury, often featuring a delicate and refined texture. Woven on handlooms, these sarees often incorporate a mix of silk, cotton and metallic threads (zari), creating a delicate yet durable fabric. The "tissue" refers to a translucent quality of the fabric contributing to an elegant look.

Tissue sarees with infusion of modern trends, cater to the evolving preferences of fashion-conscious individuals while retaining the timeless charm of traditional craftsmanship.


    Our Maheshwari sarees feature various motifs inspired by Ahilyabai Fort sculptures, incorporating intricate designs and cultural elements. These motifs capture the essence of the fort's sculptural artistry, transforming each saree into a wearable masterpiece that reflects the cultural richness and timeless beauty of the fort.


    Our Pure Silk Jall Pallu Maheshwari saree is inspired by the captivating floral sculptures of Ahilyabai Fort. This saree showcases meticulous craftsmanship, incorporating the fort's intricate motifs into the luxurious fabric. The jall pallu design adds a touch of sophistication, making Maheshwari silk a timeless blend of artistic heritage and refined elegance.


    Our Maheshwari saree "zari borders" draw inspiration from Ahilyabai Fort sculptures, infusing the regal charm of the fort's intricate designs into the fabric. The zari work reflects the cultural grandeur, creating a seamless blend of historical elegance and contemporary fashion in Maheshwari sarees.

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