About Us

भारत Yarn is a homegrown brand of handloom sarees where sustainability meets timeless elegance. Our vision is dedicated to preserving traditional craftsmanship while weaving a sustainable future. Each thread intricately woven, colours dancing on the loom and a tradition passed down through generations. We strive to bring you our exquisite collection of handcrafted sarees where each saree tells a story of heritage, handwoven with great precision, love and care by skilled artisans, connecting you to our rich traditions.

Our Artisans

65% of the artisans weaving handloom sarees for भारत Yarn are women, playing a pivotal role in creating these intricate pieces of art. The dedication and expertise of these talented women result in the creation of stunning handloom sarees, which in turn empower them to be economically self-reliant and provide for their families. Their work showcases the strength, resilience and artistry of women in the textile industry, making them an essential force in sustaining this traditional art form.

Our Mission

Traditional weaves of Bharat are a testament to the artistic excellence of weavers and our country’s rich cultural heritage. Our mission at भारत Yarn is to be a bridge that connects you with the cultural tapestry of Bharat, by making these exquisite textiles from across the nation accessible to you on a single platform, empowering you to cherish and support the talented weavers and their invaluable contributions to this enduring legacy.